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One of the factors that may increase the risk of infection is that the team is required to travel and stay in the tournament. According to the reporter, the multi-teams consider rushing to the road to reduce risks on the day of the game.

Galert's banquet has risen a difficulty on the road to the playoffs. Although the Galert race immediately apologized to the Rudget, the fans, but his rational behavior still fled the impact of the alliance.

Kingsbury's tactical style in the university era shows that he likes a fast-paced attack, and this looks also is one of his characteristics of his Wholesale Nfl Jerseys tactics. External hand-drawn-Fitzgerald, said that the rhythm of the Music Syberi is a matter of this year's officers to adapt, and it is also necessary to do full effort to operate.

Galt was fined indefinitely
The alliance gives a penalty: Galt will face the unlimited stop of the parcel, and iron must bid farewell to all the competitions in the season and the playoffs. His penalty includes "unnecessary reckless behavior, violating the behavior of physical education, fight, and take off the opponent weapon."

Xiu 4th 卫 凯勒 - Murre Murray also played a ball in a similar offensive system to help. Fitzgerald has said Murray has a profound mastery of offensive tactics, and ensuring that everyone is unanimously important for this summer's flush training.

The backport players in the Motion are prohibited, "CRACK BLOCK" (external handle or other array players are projected from the offensive front line or next to the auxiliary blockage), even if he is less than 2 yards even if he kicks.

In the case of being asked by Thomas and Marshall, the head coach John Fox said: "I don't like to always predict the future, but I need to do it just to observe them. The situation. First, I need to see if they can do better in tomorrow's training. "

Mustang near-end back training, this week is expected to appear
Julus Thomas was injured in the left ankle in the game with St. Louis ram, once absent last week's game. On the day of Thanksgiving, Thomas finally reached the training of the team, although he only completed several basic projects.

In the game with the ram, Thomas only participated in the 13-stage offense due to the injury. Since then, he missed the training of the whole week, and did not activate in the game of Miami dolphins in the wild horse. The local time is also the first regression training after his injury on Thursday. In addition, the Brandon Marshall encounters the brain in the last week. He needs to detect brain shock to play this week.

In the contract with a salary of $ 15 million, Briguwater's guarantee is only about $ 500,000, and he has a risk that is cut off at the training camp. The 38-year-old, Josh McCown, is currently in front of him. If the jet is selected from April, the competitive pressure of Briguwater is even greater. But he himself said: "As an athlete, a player, I welcome all competition."

Participation of steel people in this conflict will accept the punishment of three stop stops. Brown defensive disappearance of Ogaqi will face a penalty of 1 stop stop. The Alliance can also make a fine to Rudolph and other players rush into the court from the replacement.

Prior to the serious knee injury in 2016, Brigate was the four-point guard of Viking. His ambiguous answer also explained the team why the team is willing to let him enter the free market, why he finally only sign a contract with the jet a year of incentive bonus.

"I believe I am very believed in myself," Briguwater said, "I also believe that physical training and coaches will help me find the status of the past. But now just in March, I want to be better, I must start working. I am very happy to have this opportunity. "

Jet 4 points Bougi Water to avoid knee problems
Since the jet chooses Teddy Bridgewater as their quarter-off, Bri Gauter also should clear people's confusion to his future, showing its own responsibility. Unfortunately, on Wednesday held on Wednesday, Briguwater did not do this.

Brown boss Di and Jimmy - Haslam said: "We are very disappointed with conflicts that have occurred yesterday. This behavior in football is unable to be tolerated. He violates the tenet of the team and alliance. We sincerely The Haf and Pittsburgh Stebcom Apologize. Galt is a good player in Brown in the past three years. He has not been tolerated at all last night. We will accept any penalties for him. "

External hand Fitzgerad: The rhythmic rhythm of the red scitch new offensive system is faster
Beijing July 15th, outside the Arizona Red Spits offensive group, how to express many speculations in Kliff Kingsbury, and the complete answer of this problem until September new season It will not be announced.

Alt Rooney, Chairman of the Steel Man, said: "The entire team is very disappointed with the farce of yesterday. The player participated in this event is not allowed in the football game, our team members, coaches and teams. Everyone in the management understands whether it is in any case, we must stay calm. End this decent is shame in this way. "